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We provide help with Medicaid for Southwest Ohio and the Cincinnati-area.

We navigate the complexities of Medicaid for you and help ensure you or your loved ones are supported by restructuring assets and creating plans to maximize the benefits of Medicaid.

We can help by applying on your behalf, conducting interviews, and filing Medicaid appeals.



Medicaid Application & Interviews

Medicaid Planning & Asset Protection

We will assist you in gathering the information needed to start the Medicaid application process. By applying on your behalf and conducting interviews, we can shorten the time it takes to start receiving help from Medicaid.



Medicaid is jointly funded by Ohio and the Federal Government to provide medical support for those who cannot afford it. We can help you determine what steps are needed to become eligible for Medicaid.

We can provide a plan-of-action to rearrange assets, identify exemptions to maintain most of your personal wealth, and implement that plan for you. 


Medicaid HEarings & Appeals

Whether coverage is denied or terminated, we can review the details of your case and appeal when appropriate to recover the assistance to which you or your loved ones are entitled.




Differences between medicare and medicaid

A great starter for what is Medicaid and explaining the differences between it and other government medical assistance programs.

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