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Elder Law

Elder Law


We provide Elder Law services for Southwest Ohio and the Cincinnati-area.

From Wills and Trusts to Long-Term Care and Medicaid navigation, our holistic focus is specific to older adults and their needs, encompassing several areas of practice.

We support our greatest generations with all the help needed to ensure they and their children are taken care of in the best way to support them throughout their lives.



Living Wills & Healthcare Directives

Wills & Trusts

To make sure your decisions on specific healthcare and life support are respected if you are ever incapacitated, we can assist you in naming someone to manage your healthcare and make medical decisions on your behalf. 



Without a Will or Trust, you relinquish control over your assets and leave them to be distributed at your death according to the laws within the state in which you live.

No matter the size of your estate, Will and Trusts can prepare plans to transfer assets to take care of your loved ones and can structure your assets to provide for your family in the manner that you dictate to ensure that your wishes are accomplished.


Long-Term Care and Disability Insurance Claims

Long-term care planning

Figuring out what to do once you know long-term care is necessary is a stressful and arduous journey. We have assisted hundreds of families to make sure their loved ones are set up with the right plan for the needed care and are supported for the remainder of their life. 

We can help you weigh the advantages of certain programs, structure assets to preserve wealth, and help with the application or appeal process to ensure the highest level of care possible.

We can represent you or your loved one if denied long-term care and short or long-term disability insurance claims. By challenging the claim denial through appeal and litigation, we can correct past claim denials and establish future coverage from your insurance provider.







5 Ways to protect your money from medicaid

An article that highlights 5 ways to can restructure your estate in order to have the best benefit from Medicaid.

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