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Estate Planning

Estate Planning


We provide Estate Planning services for Southwest Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and the Cincinnati-area.

Our team focuses on all aspects of your estate. We establish and prepare a plan with the proper documents that prepares you and your family for life's unexpected situations.

Whether it is a plan to guide decisions if you are incapacitated, such as Powers of Attorney and Healthcare Directives, or after you pass away, including Wills and Trusts, we will assist you in planning now to make sure your wishes are respected.





No matter the size of your estate, Trusts allow you to continue providing for your family in the manner that you want to ensure that your wishes are respected.

Trusts are useful documents in a number of scenarios, such as when you have minor children, disabled loved ones, second marriages, own real estate in a different state, or own a business. Contact us to see if a Trust is appropriate for your situation.

Without a Will, how your property and assets are distributed is dictated by the rules of the state in which you live. 

Wills allow you to dictate not only where your assets go, but allow you to nominate a guardian to take care of your children.


Powers of Attorney

Living Wills & Healthcare Directives

To make sure your decisions on specific healthcare and life support are respected if you are ever incapacitated, we can assist you to name someone to manage your healthcare and make those decisions on your behalf. 



Protect yourself by appointing someone you trust to handle your financial or legal matters if you are ever unable to do so.

Powers of Attorney can be short-term, if you need to have someone sign documents and make financial decisions on your behalf temporarily, or long-term, for someone to manage your assets in case you are ever incapacitated.





ACLU Estate Organizer (PDF)

Use this worksheet to organize information about your estate and prepare yourself for a more productive planning session.

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"I Don't Have an Estate, Why Do I Need an Estate Plan?"

Forbes article explain the benefits of an estate plan for any size estate.

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